‘The Violets of March’ by Sarah Jio

'The Violets of March' by Sarah Jio

'The Violets of March' by Sarah Jio

‘Yet, part of my journey was to take life as it came – not to question or to edit myself, the way I did every time I sat down at my computer and typed out a mediocre sentence. This March, my life was a free write.’

‘The Violets of March’ is really a tale of three tumultuous and utterly unforgettable love stories. The first is the love story of the novel’s heroine, Emily. The second is the mysterious love story found by Emily within a lost journal. And the third is the love story from the book ‘Years of Grace’ by Margaret Ayer Barnes, referred to like a relationship comparison metaphor by Emily throughout the whole of the tale.

Sounds a bit complex? It could have been if author Sarah Joi had not so perfectly navigated this reader through the story – resulting in a tale I could not put down and thus flew through at a ravenous pace.

The book begins at a very low point in Emily’s life – she has been cheated on/dumped by her husband, she is stuck in an eight year writer’s block, and she just received her ex-husband’s wedding invitation in the mail. But this is not a tale to cry with, but a tale that gives hope for a second chance. And as there is no way I could do justice to the tale’s complex plot by trying to shrink it down into three sentences, I will not even try it. Plus, I would not want to give away any of the many plot twists – I mean, there were so many, even though I always tend to read the last page of any book first, I was still rather surprised by how everything was wrapped up.

‘And besides, fate has a way of bringing you back when it’s time to come back.’

In the end – even though not all the love stories end happily – the endings are still complete and satisfying. I am excited to find Sarah’s other books, cuddle on a lounge chair in the sun, and become better acquainted with the characters she molds so well. The only regret I have is that I had not yet read ‘Years of Grace’ before starting this tale – as I can only imagine how much stronger this novel would have been for me if I ‘got’ all of Emily’s references.

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RECOMMENDABILITY: 5 {out of 5} stars  |  ★★★★★
REPETITIVE READABILITY: 3 {out of 5} stars  |  ★★★☆☆
RATING: 4 {out of 5} stars  |  ★★★★☆