‘The Time In Between’ by María Dueñas

'The Time In Between' by María Dueñas

Over the years I have been drawn to and read many books laden with strong, mysterious – and at times – devious male characters also referred to as ‘spies’. James Bond and Jack Ryan being the most memorable in my literary bookshelf, were intelligent, dashing and seductive gentleman who always seemed able to end up on top. And although there were female characters within these tales, they were silly or simply seductive or stupidly simpering but never spies themselves – that is until ‘The Time In Between’ written by María Dueñas.

Lo and behold my surprise as I was introduced to Sira, a seamstress turned spy, helping to defeat the evil German villians of World War II – and doing so with her clothes on and her intelligence shining through.

‘Our destinies might have gone in any direction, as we succeeded in remaining unnoticed, forever on the reverse side of history, crisscrossed by stitches, invisible lives from the time in between.’

Sira’s character develops signifigantly through the 600+ pages of this book. At the first, she is a young silly girl who leaves the security of her home and a safe engagment to run off with a stranger. This man in turn steals from her, leaves her in debt, pregnant, and all alone in a strange country. It is then that Sira begins to rely on herself and develops into the inspiring woman she is born to become. As the novel comes to close, she is not only in a relationship with a man worthy of her love, but she has achieved something in life that few ever do – at a risk to her own safety and happiness, she has made a difference.

‘Normality wasn’t in the days I left behind me; it was only to be found in whatever fortune placed on my path each morning … Wherever I chose to direct my course or lay down the foundations of my life, there it would be, my normality.’

As the novel was surrounded in actual events and historical fact, I embraced not only Sira’s story but also the story of Spain through Hitler’s regime. I found this book to be exciting, inspirational and, in truth, a lot more than I bargained for – what a terrific journey it was to travel with Dueñas through Sira’s story.

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RECOMMENDABILITY: 5 {out of 5} stars | ★★★★★
REPETITIVE READABILITY: 4 {out of 5} stars | ★★★★☆
RATING: 5 {out of 5} stars | ★★★★★

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The Time in Between