‘The Spellmans Strike Again’ by Lisa Lutz

'The Spellmans Strike Again' by Lisa Lutz

A joint review by: Carolann DeMatos + Krista Gundersen

'The Spellmans Strike Again' by Lisa LutzThe gist of the Spellman series is thus; there is a family – mom, dad, two sisters and one brother. The family runs a private detective business out of the basement of their house. Now, while the company does actually take on business investigating cheating spouses and the like, this family spends an inordinate amount of time investigating each other. They also manage to get into all sorts of hijinks and thus form an all around crazy, yet utterly lovable family.

NOTE: If you have not read any of the Spellman books, you may not want to continue reading past the jump  as spoilers may be present. However, if you do not mind knowing the end of the story (and in fact at times read the end of the tale first, like moi) please feel free to continue reading. Since Wonderpug Graphics beauty expert, Krista, also loves the Spellmans, we teamed up and did a joint questionnaire about this latest Spellmans tome.

What did you think of this latest Spellmans sequel?

KG: I liked how it tied up the loose ends regarding Isabel and Henry.  I also enjoyed reading about Isabel confronting “grown-up” issues, such as the death of Morty, the remarriage of her best friend, and embarking on a new relationship with Henry.

CD: I totally agree.  I thought this was the best of the series thus far. I was really happy that Isabel and Henry finally realized that they were meant to be together.  I also felt as though the other characters became even more developed throughout this tale – especially Isabel’s mother and father; and most specifically Isabel herself. Isabel’s character was less guarded throughout the story – you were able to really feel her sadness when her friend died, her anger at her sister, and her happiness at Henry’s change of heart. It was an easy and very enjoyable read.

Who is your favorite Spellmans character? Why?

KG: Even though she is newer to the series, I really like Maggie.  Even when she was first introduced as a romantic rival for Isabel, the way she is written makes it extremely difficult to dislike her – which is exactly the conclusion that the Spellman family comes to!  I like that Maggie can roll with the punches when it comes to this wacky family she’s stumbled upon.  I also enjoy the fact that while she’s a great match for David, she’s not quite as serious and seems to be genuinely fond of the rest of the Spellmans.

CD: My favorite character is Henry. He is a super-clean, semi-germophobe which reminds me a little of my husband and thus allows Henry a special little place in my heart. Plus, I think he is so funny, in a dry sort of chummy way. And he is a cop and boy, oh boy do I love a man in a uniform.

Would you want to be a part of the Spellmans Family?

KG: Yes!  Even though being a Spellman comes with its own set of headaches, I love how they are so tight-knit and go out of their way to look out for each other.

CD: Absolutely! Although the Spellmans are dramatic and crazy and unorthodox, they really love each other and they are always there for each other – which is so reassuring.

What is your favorite aspect of the Spellmans storyline – the detective work, the family drama, Isabel’s man trouble, etc.?

KG: The best thing about this series is how it manages to intertwine all of those aspects into one great storyline.

CD: My favorite aspect of the stories is always the family drama. I love the crazy things that this family gets into.

Are you interested in reading Book 5 or are you sick of the series/characters?

KG: I was so excited to learn that there would be a fifth book.  I’m really looking forward to seeing how the dynamic has changed now that Isabel and Henry are a couple, and with Rae pretty much grown up now.

CD: I can not wait for the next book. I would – as they say – hold my breath, but then I would probably die and miss out of the tale, and that would stink.


Final words of wisdom – thanks to L. Lutz herself through the mouth of her main character in crime, Isabel Spellman:

‘Over the course of a lifetime people change, but not as much as you’d think. Nobody really grows up. At least that’s my theory; you can have your own.’