‘Refinery29: Style Stalking’ by Christene Barberich and Piera Gelardi

Upon first seeing this book’s jacket quickly in passing, I thought perhaps it was a third edition of Scott Schuman’s ‘The Sartorialist’. Once I looked a little closer, I realized bloggers from Refinery29 had actually published this latest fashion exposé. Since I largely enjoy Refinery29’s blog and Schuman’s last books, I figured I should add this book to my TBR shelf.

'Refinery29: Style Stalking' by Christene Barberich and Piera Gelardi

In the end, once opened, this book did not wow me or really keep my interest. There were definitely some visually striking images throughout the pages, but the fashion/outfit ideas shared were neither innovation nor really directed toward a person older than 25/past those entry level positions of employment. Although I am in my early thirties and not yet at the pinnacle of my career, professionally I have begun achieving certain positional leaps. If I were to wear some of the (albeit) colorful outfits that this book suggests, I would be looked upon with the seemingly ‘unexperienced young person’ stigma I have fought so hard to cease. Refinery29’s book was, I fear, not (meant to be) targeted to me.

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RECOMMENDABILITY: 2 {out of 5} stars | ★★☆☆☆
REPETITIVE READABILITY: 0 {out of 5} stars | ☆☆☆☆☆
RATING: 2 {out of 5} stars | ★★☆☆☆

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