‘Monstrously Funny Cartoons’ by Christopher Hart

'Monstrously Funny Cartoons' by Christopher HartConfession #813: I doodle. I doodle everywhere; in notebooks, on napkins, in day planners, on post-its, on white boards – if I have a pen and some paper I will fill it up with circles and hearts, lightening bolts and flowers, explosions and arrows. But, I do not doodle people. When I was offered the chance to receive a copy of ‘Monstrously Funny Cartoons’ by Christopher Hart, I thought it would be interesting to try my hand at doodling people – or in this book’s case cartoon-like people and monsters including Zombies, Vampires, Aliens, and Mummies.

I found I was most drawn to the tutorials on drawing animal-like monsters rather than human-like monsters. I skipped completely Chapter 2 on ‘Vampires: Narcissists of the Underworld’ as these legends of lore totally freak me out, but I did try out a mummified tweety bird from Chapter 5’s ‘Mad for Mummies’ (found on page 103).

'Monstrously Funny Cartoons' by Christopher Hart

As well as several furry monster friends from Chapter 3’s ‘Monsters That Go Bump In The Night’ (found on pages 69, 73, 84 + 85).

'Monstrously Funny Cartoons' by Christopher Hart

The creations turned out whimsical and fun, with the tutorials being easy to follow – although probably not by a first-time artist. I can imagine elementary or middle school age children really being inspired and having fun with this book. Author Christopher Hart appears to have many different genres of drawing books available, and though some of his other collections may have been more in line with my personality and likes, I did spend a very enjoyable afternoon with Hart’s Monsters.

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RECOMMENDABILITY: 4 {out of 5} stars | ★★★★☆
REPETITIVE READABILITY: 2 {out of 5} stars | ★★☆☆☆
RATING: 4 {out of 5} stars | ★★★★☆

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