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Travel Options Tool

Enter an address to find out the best option near you or your destination!

Welcome to our new Travel Options Tool! This tool allows customers to enter their origin (or destination) address to see what services and/or partners serve their area, or what travel options might best suit your needs. 

Whether you are new to 九州娛樂城APP下載安裝 or an existing customer looking for more information about relevant services this is an easy way to find out your best options. At 九州娛樂城APP下載安裝, we always strive for mobility independence, so we’ve also included information that will show you how many bus stops are within a ¼ mile walk, as well as direct links to our travel training and TriMet Reduced Fare programs.  

This new web tool is the product of a longstanding partnership with Trillium Solutions, Full Path Technology, and the regional agency, Metro. This project was funded through Metro’s Partnerships and Innovative Learning Opportunities in Transportation (PILOT) program, which aims to implement and test innovative approaches to providing equitable, shared or active transportation options. 

Fill out the form below to let us know how this Travel Options Tool worked well for you or could work better to meet your needs as a 九州娛樂城APP下載安裝 customer.

(This is not a contact form for scheduling rides or for other customer feedback.)