‘Roses’ by Leila Meacham

‘Roses’ by Leila Meacham

A Single Rose Can Be My Garden

‘If I should ever offend you, I will send a red rose to ask forgiveness. And if ever I receive one tendered for that purpose, I will return a white rose to say that all is forgiven.’

This book starts at the end of the story and thus, the end of the disastrous love affair between Mary Tolliver and Percy Warwick. {I am not ruining anything, you learn that right as you open the book}  Therefore, I knew as I was being taken through Mary’s and Percy’s flashbacks, that this part of the story was not going to end happy. Nonetheless, I found myself wishing and hoping that maybe this time, just maybe, Mary would make the ‘right’ decision.

Right? Hum, what is the right decision? I guess because I could relate to this story on a personal level – having married my high-school sweetheart – I feel ‘right’ would have been to live forever in love with Percy. They were soulmates. And they allowed other circumstances to keep them apart. It was the saddest, most aggravating, gut-wrenching book. It drove me insane.

But I couldn’t put it down, even though I knew this was not going to be a happy ending wrapped in a shiny pink bow. That in itself is the mark of a good storyteller. I was totally invested in this story. Even though Mary pissed me off, and I felt so sorry for Percy that I could have cried. And although horrible things kept happening to every character in this story, it at least was realistic. It was super far-fetched and ridiculous – like, for example, in Wally Lamb’s novel ‘The Hour I First Believed’ – both sad books, and both completely different. In ‘Roses’ you care about the characters and in ‘Hour’ you just want to wring the authors neck and tell him to stop exploiting American tragedies and leave those poor characters alone. {PS> don’t waste you money or time buying/reading that Lamb book}

3 thoughts on “‘Roses’ by Leila Meacham

  1. Ok. So Percy and Lucy had Wyatt, who in turn had Matt. Matt is Percy’s grandson
    Mary and Percy have a son who dies young and never has offspring.
    Mary’s brother is Rachel’s grandfather.
    Mary is Rachel’s great-aunt.
    Therefore, Matt and Rachel are not directly related.

    I think that is where you were hung up, correct? I tried not to give away any plot – so I stayed a little vague – but if you are still confused let me know!

  2. Okay, I’m in the middle of the book and am having trouble with the characters. I know Wyatt is Percy’s son (and Matt is the grandson) with Lucy.  Did they have any other children together?

    What is Percy (Ollie’s by marriage) and Mary’s child’s name? And how do Matt and Rachel fall in the Family Tree?

    Please help me out here, need to know how this fits before I continue on with the book.

    Thank you Carolann….

  3. carolann your writing ability just floors me – you are so good it makes me very proud to be your mom i love the roses idea. keep up the great work i love people who read!!!!!!

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