Perfect Passages: ‘The Pure and the Impure’ by Colette

Perfect Passages: 'The Pure and the Impure' by Colette

‘He’s such a nice boy, but absent-minded,’ C. went on. ‘Just imagine! A lady invites him to her house for a cup of hot chocolate – he is attractive. He accepts the invitation – and has one of his weak moments. While talking with her, he happens to drop something, I don’t know what, into her cup of chocolate. Anyway, the lady wakes up two days later and fined – deplorable coincidence! – that all her furniture has disappeared. She thought she was dreaming, the poor lady. But no sooner did she recover her senses than she lodged a complaint against my absent-minded friend. And so, not wanting to be mixed up in a complicated affair, he went away. May heaven return him to us!’

{ Page 136 of ‘The Pure and the Impure’ by Colette }

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