Janet Evanovich’s ‘Lizzy and Diesel’ Series (Book 1 + 2)

Janet Evanovich's 'Lizzy and Diesel' Series (Book 1 + 2)

“Your life isn’t out of control. It’s expanded.”

Are you in need of a giggle? Well, then giggle on over here to Janet Evanovich’s ‘Lizzy and Diesel’ Series because these two books (Wicked Appetite + Wicked Business) are funny. I mean laugh-out-loud while riding the train with a bunch of strangers, not caring that people are staring and occasionally pointing at you, kind of funny.

Now, don’t be tricked – this book is in no way fine literature. When you crack the spine, you will find witches, witchcraft, supernatural beings, a one-eyed ninja cat, flying brooms, a monkey named Carl, an abundance of sexual innuendo, and lots of talk of cupcakes. There are some interesting exchanges between characters but no deep, existential debate. There are some references to historical ideals but no real sharing of fact. These books are just plain fun – and even more fun than little old Stephanie Plum (at least in my humble, blogger opinion).

And that’s all I am going to give you. Pour yourself a glass of wine, bring home a few cupcakes (because these books will make you crave them, give your brain a night off and enjoy some giggles. You will thank me.

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RECOMMENDABILITY: 5 {out of 5} stars  |  ★★★★★
REPETITIVE READABILITY: 4 {out of 5} stars  |  ★★★★☆
RATING: 5 {out of 5} stars  |  ★★★★★