Jackie Collins’s Novel ‘Chances’

‘Expecting conceit they found courtesy. Expecting arrogance they found a man concerned with people’s thoughts and feelings.’

Lit Review: Jackie Collins's classic novel 'Chances'And me  – expecting a sweet little story – found an in-your-face, wham bam, bordering-on-vulgar, yet nonetheless exciting mobster tale. Let me tell you, dear little Jackie Collins has got a mouth on her like a truck driver. She frequently drops the f’bomb, hesitates little in calling women CUNext-Tuesdays or – most blush-inducing for me because I hate the word – the p word {the p-word = sometimes followed by cat or willow}, and describes sexual acts in extreme details, aka this book is NOT for the faint of heart.

However, with a strong female lead like Lucky Santangelo, there is no way I could not love this novel. I am a sucker for a strong dame, as you might have guessed by a few of my other reads such as this one or this one. So many novels are full of sniveling, sad, and sorry excuses for women; women whom cry when they don’t get their way yet do nothing to change their station in life, whom obey every word their husbands mutter, whom do not think but instead titter through life – in other words, women I can just not relate to – nor want to. Lucky, however, while she might have started life semi-resembling the above, she soon learns to think, act, and behave outside her station – that of the helpless housewife her father attempted to make her.

Apparently there are other books in the series – ‘Lucky’, ‘Lady Boss’, ‘Lucky’s Revenge’, ‘Dangerous Kiss’, and ‘Drop Dead Beautiful’ – the last of which I read several years ago when I received the novel as a gift without knowing that this was a series tale. I have to say Lucky has hooked me into her story so much so that I am very curious to continue her tale.

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  1. The characters are definitely developed enough to overlook the slightly pornographic language. I think you will really enjoy these books. They are a perfect beach/poolside read Casee. Really just good fun.

  2. Oh, interesting! I’ve actually never read a Jackie Collins novel, but for some reason lately I was thinking about them. I’m usually pretty open-minded as far as language, though I have read the odd book where it really bothered me. I think it all depends on the story – if an author creates captivating characters and an interesting plot I’m willing to suffer through some blush-inducing scenes as well, haha.

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