‘Dirty Sexy Politics’ by Meghan McCain

'Dirty Sexy Politics' by Meghan McCain

'Dirty Sexy Politics' by Meghan McCain‘When the stakes are high, the behavior gets really low.’

I jumped on the Meghan McCain bandwagon back in 2007-08 when her dad, Presidential-hopeful John McCain, ran against and lost the election to President Barack Obama. I was never really interested in politics until this friendly blond bounced into my browser via her blog McCainBlogette and made me feel like maybe there was a place for me – a 20-something female – in the American political stage.

Most of my friends and coworkers would make fun of me. ‘You like Meghan McCain? Really? Really? She is a joke,’ they would say. But I did and I do. I find her real and honest and open and totally relatable. (Now before I go any futher, hear me – I never never never talk politics or religion in large forums as a personal self-preservation rule, and therefore, this post has nothing whatsoever to do with my political beliefs. This post has everything to do with Meghan’s 2010 autobiographical political tome ‘Dirty Sexy Politics’, her shared experiences and her honesty, and that’s all folks.)

I have been meaning to read this book for some time, and once I saw that Meghan was releasing her second book and I had not yet read the first, I knew I needed to check this out from my local library. And I was not disappointed. This book is very easy-to-read, and very enjoyable, and – thankfully – very well-edited. Meghan speaks to her audience like she is speaking to a friend – a friend whom she trusts, respects, and has no secrets from – which is a completely different, and much welcomed, writing style from another political autobiography I am currently reading.

Meghan writes honestly throughout the book about her mistakes, what she learned, and what she wishes she did better. She does not attempt to ‘throw stones’ or  ‘get even’ with anyone – so if you are looking for a mud-slinging tale on the Palins then this is not the book for you. This is a book about a young woman who is sharing two years of her life from a very unique perspective. And Republican, Democrat, Anarchist, Independent or whatever else you may call yourself  – I think this is an interesting book about American politics, especially poignant for female Americans. Needless to say, I definitely plan on reading Meghan’s second novel as soon as I can grab a copy.

PS> if you are reading this little post and thinking, ‘I need more Meghan,’ then swing on over to her recent Playboy interview. Great read – I mean, we all head over to Playboy to read the articles, right?

‘Nothing is ever really over, it just evolves into something else.’

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