‘Aunt Dimity & the Lost Prince’ by Nancy Atherton

'Aunt Dimity & the Lost Prince' by Nancy Atherton

‘They were my fairy godmothers, and you were their wand. Sometimes, just sometimes, life is even better than books.’

‘Aunt Dimity & the Lost Prince’ is the 18th book in Nancy Atherton’s Aunt Dimity series, but the first of her books that I have ever read, or truth be told, have even heard of. However, survey says … Atherton, my dear girl, it looks as though you may have found yourself a new Dimity fan.

The series is quaint, heart-warming and made richer by the deceased yet still present, paranormal character of Aunt Dimity. Sounds a bit too weird for you? A bit too odd? Yes, it is odd, and it is weird – this is a series where one of the titular characters is dead but somehow still speaking, albeit through a magical journal. How could such a premise be fun or interesting? Well, it is – it just really is. Plus, the other characters are alive, acceptably normal in the ‘we are all normal’ sense, and just trying to make it through another day in jolly old England.

Fine literature? Aunt Dimity and her cohorts are not. But if you are looking for light, easy, and slightly silly, then slither off with Dimity for an hour, get lost, and just accept the ridiculousness that is this silly little series.

Salon Summary

RECOMMENDABILITY: 3 {out of 5} stars | ★★★☆☆
REPETITIVE READABILITY: 1 {out of 5} stars | ★☆☆☆☆
RATING: 4 {out of 5} stars | ★★★★☆

{This novel was gifted to Her Literary Salon by Penguin/Viking Books.}