‘A Vintage Affair’ by Isabel Wollf

'A Vintage Affair' by Isabel Wollf

‘There are some people who say they’re able to ‘compartmentalize’ things, as though it is possible to put negative or distressing thoughts into neat mental drawers to be taken out only at a psychologically convenient time. It’s a beguiling idea, but I’ve never bought it. In my experience, sadness and regret seek into one’s consciousness willy-nilly, or they suddenly leap out at you with a snarl. The only real remedy is time…’

Over the past several months I have learned a lot about friendship. I have learned:

  1. Real friends stay by your side through the good times; better friends stay by your side through the bad times
  2. Mom was right in saying that if I can fill one hand with good, true friends then I am one lucky duck
  3. Sometimes friendship hurts
  4. To forgive is easy; forget impossible

Maybe that is why I was drawn to this novel.

The book cover masquerades as a novel on vintage fashion {which is definitely a part of the novel}, but at it’s core it is a book about friendship, growth, forgiveness and life. And it helped to heal parts of my own injured heart.

The main character, Phoebe, is plagued with grief over the loss of her best friend. She feels responsible. She feels unable to let go. She feels totally unable to move on … {and believe me I can relate.} I felt for her. I read along and wanted to pull her into a embrace and tell her it would all be okay – even when I wasn’t sure it would be for poor Phoebe. Phoebe not only needs to deal with her grief – but a broken engagement, a new career path, and her parent’s divorce. Sure this book sounds depressing – but lovelies it isn’t. This book is hopeful.

As Isabel navigates her readers through Phoebe’s story, and introduces us to vivid and delicate characters … you realize, in the end, it will all actually be okay.

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